Interview devoted to “Advertising Research” given to the magazine “Marketing research in Ukraine” by IRS Group CEO Ivan Lubarsky

16/05/2012 More

Interview with CEO of IRS Group Ivan Lubarsky following the materials of blitz poll devoted to the topic “Advertising research is an important segment of the research market and the prerogative of big customers” issued in the magazine “Marketing research in Ukraine” (MRU #2 2012 year):

Question 1.

Advertising” researches are an essential part of the total research budget of research companies or such orders are rare in domestic conditions, aren’t they? What is your opinion, and why?

For many of our clients researches focused on the assessment of the effectiveness of advertising are an essential part of their research program. Accordingly, the orders for such researches are received quite often; besides, their cost differs if we compare them with ad hoc and tracking projects. Importance of such researches is obvious for business, as it is always useful to know how effectively “marketing” budgets are spent.

Question 2.

Which advertising researches currently dominate: pretesting or post testing? What do clients customers investigate most often (ad messages, recipients’ response, the advertising campaign effectiveness, etc.)?

Most often we face the requests on regular trekking researches focused on investigation of different kpi’s of marketing activity.

Question 3.

Which tools are the most effective in “advertising” researches? (Lately, for example, the method of focus groups is often criticized, at the same time; eye-trackers are often praised. What do “works” efficiently?).

I will not say something new about different methods. Some of them, for example, the focus groups are perfect for some tasks and are not advisable for others. I think, the most correct method for trackers in our country, nowadays and in a long-term future, will be face to face interviews, without taking into account the specific targeted audience. Out from our own products I would indicate advertising communication testing by trendsetters.

Question 4.

How do you evaluate the role of Internet researches in the advertising activity analysis? Will we be able to abandon the traditional types of research after a while?

It is a good and promising method. We use it in the narrow target audiences, like trendsetters, as we stated above.

Traditional types of research will probably transform someday into other forms, which will not necessarily be based on the Internet. However, in our country, it does not happen soon.   and voffa