The Era of Many-to-Many is a new communication model

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We are presenting the fourth part of the report on youth marketing trends – The Era of Many-to-Many.

In this part of report we will try to reveal fundamental principles which pertinent to The Era of Many-to-Many and to disclose key youth trends which will help to interact better with current generation.

This material is prepared on the basis of report, published by the international network of youth marketing agencies Youth Research Partners.

The report was finalized by Graham Brown, the director of Mobile Youth. The partner of the network in Ukraine is trendwatching agency InTrends.

Let us remind that the report consists of five parts and more than 343 slides. They display 50 key trends, appeared throughout the whole world during the last 10 years.

This material will help to look at the world by eyes of young people from different places of planet and to plan the right direction in making communication with youth audience.

# 31. Why Many-to-many Matters.

Below is a number of marketing models used by the company for its marketing activity.

Besides, there is a new marketing model “Many-to-many” and its comparison with the models of the past.

Ниже представлен ряд маркетинговых моделей, которыми пользуются компании для своей маркетинговой активности. Помимо этого, представлена новая маркетинговая модель «Многие многим» и её сравнение с моделями прошлого.

Timeframe±1950-19901990-20102011 and later
Как создать Ваш бренд?To allocate the media budget to agencies in order to buy media space. To develop “big price”To optimize media costs with the help of segmentation and targeting.To create a platform which will help the consumers to unite.
How to interact with the consumer?Focus groups.To listen to. CRM. Researches. Surveys.Компания – это часть сообщества. Диалог.
What defines a brand? Brand planning. Agencies of a “Big Idea”.Brand planning. Agencies of a “Big Idea”.Consumers – are the brand
What is the role of the company?To create a smart, funny content to achieve a discussion between the consumers.To create a profile of the consumers. To develop a targeted message based on the identity of the profiles.To set the tone. To conduct a community. To step back and allow the consumers to interact with it.
Who are the winners?Pepsi, Levi’s, Sony.Amazon, Nokia, O2.

Ford, Jet Blue, Monster,

Threadless, Safaricom.

Today, no one wants to be alone. Young people want to be а part of the multitude, and they want to talk to each other, and not to an advertising agency. The Era of “One-to-Many” is dead. Now we need to think about what works in the era Many-to-many”.

#32. Liked vs Loved.

Is it worth to be happy if you managed to be liked by your customers? As it can be a serious danger for your brand. You spent budgets to please new customers. But ask yourself what have you done for those who already like you?

Young people consistently respond that Nokia is the most trusted, and at the same time Apple is the most recommended. It should be noted that market share of Nokia is 32% and 4% of the profit of industrial enterprises. The market share of Apple is 4% and 52% of profit. And which data do you follow?

Today, the market is oversaturated by the variety of products that are liked by many, but the only one can love sincerely. You can offer to young people a fun and smart company, and you will certainly please them. But if you can help them to unite with their friends, they will love you.

#33. Retention is the New Acquisition.

The trend consists in changing the attitude of the companies to their customers.

When we tell about “consumers”, we tell, rather, about the objects, which can be grouped, segmented and manipulated. We try to buy their attention, and the payment for this attention goes not to consumers.

Today it is worth telling about people and the relations that tie us to them, and any relations are based on the mutual confidence, interest and “benefit”. Now marketing experts emphasize on the building of similar relations with their target audience.

The understanding has come that keeping loyal customer, who loves you, is much more important than spending on the abstract possibility to attract new ones.

#34. Loyalty is a Social Process, not a Programme.

Loyalty is a social process, not a rigorous program in frame of which it can be developed. Young people constantly talk to each other about your competitors and you can not prohibit them doing it. Young consumers can always choose your competitors, and you can not deprive them of that choice, but you can be together with consumers when they make this choice.

Today, many companies try to get the loyalty of young consumers with the help of low prices on goods. However, you should understand, youth marketing strategy cannot be named “Cheap.” There is no doubt that young people are sensitive to the price, but the price is not the main driver, because of which they buy your product.

The struggle with competitors by means of the lowest-price offers attracts customers, which are easy come and easy go.

To get young consumer means to understand why he buys your product. When you decide to attract youth by the low-price product, think about Apple’s price and its Chinese counterparts.

№ 35.Churn is the Mother of All Costs.

We live in the times of market oversaturation when the acquisition of a new consumer comes at a high price. In connection with this, the importance of customer churn is increasing. When the churn increases, you start noting the slowdown of all business processes, the cost of products is steadily increasing, while the activity of the company is becoming less effective.

Reducing the churn of customers, you will significantly improve investment’s recoupment in all areas.

№ 36. Customer Service isn’t a Department.

The customer is always right – seems like a forgotten truth. But today everything is returning back, and the companies are becoming again client-oriented, because in terms of socialization, where each consumer is a media channel , his individual needs cannot be neglected.

Today, smart brands make the emphasis on the customer service, in order to build human relations with a customer, now more and more marketing activities are focused on the interaction with the customer and on the building a constructive dialogue.

Today, the marketing does not end at the stage of sale, but it just begins here.

#37. Permission Assets.

The trend consists in investments focused on the building of long-term relationship with customers through creating of communities and events, which are necessary to the consumer, which may live longer than the company, and work, even when your team is asleep.

One of the most important tasks that brands face today – is the accumulation of the base of exclusive, interesting and useful content that will help the consumers to unite. Besides, the unification of the consumers should not be done only online but also offline, as in spite of the increased interest to the digital space, the youth spends more time in the live communication in universities, shops, clubs and cafes. Therefore, to create an online community – it’s great, but a much greater effect can be achieved by being face to face with your customer.

Give to youth the access to the interested information, and they will love you. Build a comfortable home for your fans.

#38. Social Movements.

In our time, the effectiveness of the advertising campaign can be determined by its duration. But not at the expense of paid time, but at the expense of the wave, which were created by the customers themselves. If the campaign helped them to communicate, and they let your message go through their network – everything was successful. If not – then money has been spent for nothing.

RockCorps has successfully engaged the influential youth with the help of a series of important social projects, not campaigns. Each project was a social event by itself, which has attracted a socially active young people.

#39. Beachheads.

In the era of “Many-to-Many” all comes down to one simple rule: admire your fans, the rest will be done by them.

Today, brands are more focused more on the 10% of consumers who love them and less on 90% of those who do not pay attention to them. More effective way is to build the communication with young people through 10% of customers, who are followed by the remaining 90%.

№ 40. Fanspotting.

“Sales to people who actually want to hear you – is much more effective than the bothering strange people who have no interest in you.”

Seth Godin

After having found your fans and having built a dialogue with them, you will get the best supporters in the promotion of your brand. Your fans need you like you need them. Fans need the direction that your brand can give them. Think on how you lead them.

The difference between the iPod and Zune – is the availability of the fans.Each brand has fans (Ambassadors, Fans), it is only necessary to find them; maybe, their voice was lost in the background of your monologue.

The fourth part of the report can be seen here:


Network of Youth Research Partners was founded in 2008 and is a leader in research, analysis and marketing strategies focused on a young audience. At the moment, the network includes 20 companies, representing 21 countries on 4 continents.

InTrends is the first trendwatching specialized agency in Ukraine and a part of the IRS Group. The agency has been studying the trends and trendsetters, and organizes the communication through Ambassadors of brands.

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