Euro 2012: Is the service sphere ready to provide the European level of service?

13/01/2012 More

Closer and closer to the moment when Ukraine starts accepting the flow of foreign guests to the Football Championship Euro 2012. The country is preparing for this event: new hotels are being built; the new restaurants are being launched, the active restaurants are refashioned. But as you know, the “face” of any place is not as much its appearance as the quality of service.

Can the owners of restaurants, hotels and other service institutions be sure that they are fully prepared to provide the European level of service to guests of capital and the cities hosting the championship? Can the staff communicate clearly with the visitor in a foreign language?

The researches by the method “Mystery Shopping” will help to answer these questions.

“Mystery Shopper” is a specially trained person who attends a specified institution in the role of an ordinary customer (in this case – person who came from another city / country). During the “visit” a “mystery client” checks the quality of service in a service location, staff qualifications (compliance to the standards, competence, the ability to communicate well, etc.), as well as the appearance and comfort of this place.
The “Mystery shopping” helps to reveal the “gaps” in the service.

For example, it may be found out that staff has lack of affability, or someone of the staff is not skilled in institution service and does not know the answers to visitor questions.

On the request of the client, the “mystery visits” may be conducted in Ukrainian and in any other foreign language. This will help not only to recreate the full picture (arrival of a foreigner to Ukraine), but also to check the ability and willingness of staff to serve these clients.

With the help of this tool you can quickly define weak points of the service, and take prompt measures to eliminate them. And a high quality of service locations work (hotels, inns, restaurants, etc.) is not only the earnest of success of your company, but also the “face” of our country.

IRS Group will be glad to assist you in the assessment of the quality of services in almost all cities of Ukraine (read more about the service “Mystery Shopping“).   and voffa