Ukrainians willingness to participate in ecological events has been increased

12/07/2012 More

Marketing agency “IRS Group” has conducted another wave of unique research for Ukraine, Eco Omnibus, project focused on the attitude of Ukrainians to environmental problems and ways to solve it.
Among the other questions, respondents were asked the same ones as a year ago: “If this weekend an event aimed at protection of the environment in the area you live is launched, how much personally you were ready to participate in it?».
The results have shown that our people have become more interested in participating in such events and the level of unwillingness to participate in such events has been decreased by one third compared with 2011.
It is interesting to know, that the residents of the Northern region of Ukraine aged 18-25 years old were more interested in participating in events. The residents of Central Ukraine as well as the residents aged 35-45 years old expressed this intention more rarely.
Ivan Lubarsky, managing director of marketing agency “IRS Group”:

“Now there is a good opportunity for companies to implement various programs, including marketing ones, in the ecological sphere.
It is reasonable to say that having these eco programs successful implemented they would l find positive response and support from the people of our country, especially among young audiences.”   and voffa