On Eco marketing by IRS Group at the e3box

01/03/2011 More

February 25, 2011 Yulia Karpinskaya, project manager of “Eco Omnibus” made a presentation on the topic “Eco marketing as an effective tool in promoting the brand” devoted to the Day of the Green Marketing. The presentation was made within the frame of the project e3box, a new format of the conducting of business program at the II International Scientific and Practical Forum of Ecology and Energy Efficiency in construction e3forum.

The speaker presented the information about the specific usage of Eco component in the corporate image of the company and provided the best global practices of implementation of eco strategies in marketing and PR.

In particular, starting from the birth of the eco concept in the company till the ways of its promotion, the eco-propaganda, the usage of eco symbols, eco-design in production etc. till making decisions of adopting within the organization the principles of “Green Office”.

In the course of the presentation, the results of regular project “ECO Omnibus” conducted by IRS Group were reported as well. This project was focused on the monitoring of the “green” activities of a brand as well as on its assessment by the Ukrainian consumers.

Julia Karpinskaya expresses gratitude to the supervisors of the project e3forum Konstantin Kolesnikov and Olga Larina for the invitation to take part in the e3box.

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