Public survey: what Ukrainian people do for solving environmental issues

07/02/2011 More

Mostly Ukrainians try to save water, electricity, gas and seek to use organic products.

In the course of the next wave of regular Omnibus project the marketing research agency IRS Group asked the Ukrainian people, how they cared about the environment.

In particular, the researchers have wondered which activities focused on the solving of the environmental problems, people wanted to be involved in personally, and which event they would like to participate to improve the environmental situation in the country.

According to the results of the survey almost two thirds of respondents (62%) try to use natural resources in a more responsible way:

  • They consume gas in a more rational way;
  • They turn off the light and all electrical appliances when they are not needed;
  • They spend a minimum amount of water (a quantity of water which is only necessary in order to take a shower, to wash dishes, to brush teeth, etc.).

Such rational approach greatly helps to save natural resources and to reduce expanses on public utility services, which is today of a great importance.

Also, about a quarter of respondents (27%), buy ecologically safe foodstuff and especially are careful about the choice of food.

Besides, the part of the respondents (23%) are engaged in the sorting of garbage at home, and another part of respondents (21%) plant trees and look after plants.

When respondents were asked which activities / events focused on solving of environmental issues would respondents like to take part in, 24% of respondents answered they would like to buy environmentally safe products, 22% want to be engaged in arrangement of green spaces and planting trees, 19% of respondents have a desire and willing to return the used batteries, accumulators, old mobile phones to special posts. All this is already a good start and the potential for the further development of food processing sphere, as also it is an interesting subject matter for conducting various ECO events.

The results of the survey indicate that a part of the Ukrainian consumers are open to environmental initiatives and are ready to support such activities by a personal participation, which, in turn, is already a good indicator for those companies which do or just plan to do any “green” activity.

Based on the data, it is important to note that part of the population has a tendency to recycle old batteries, accumulators and old mobile phones and other things, but there is no possibility to implement it all in a full measure. Therefore, for some companies there is a good opportunity, on the one side, to meet the needs of people and to make a significant contribution in supporting of the environment, and on the other side, to contribute in the improvement of its image.

A similar situation is seen with the arrangement of events on the environmental subject and with their attending. Despite the fact that the part of population is involved already in eco-festivals and concerts, there are people who also would like to join them. It is also interesting to note that about 8% of the respondents are willing to make charitable contributions in supporting of environmental protection.

In general, we can say that the active usage of ECO marketing tools currently offers to companies a great number of opportunities for the improvement of the perception of their image in the eyes of consumers.   and voffa