Public survey: what kind of water Ukrainian people use.

03/09/2012 More

Marketing agency “IRS Group” has conducted the next wave of research Eco Omnibus, project that allows you to monitor ECO trends among the residents of our country.

Among the other questions there were few questions about water, which is used by respondents and their family members: “Tell me, where you and your family usually take water for drinking and cooking?” and “If we talk about the quality of the water that you use for drinking and cooking, how do you evaluate it? ‘

Nearly two third of respondents responded that they used water taking it from the tap. Half of those who take the water from the tap prefer filtering it (often such responses were given by the residents of the Central and Southern regions). In the Northern region and among older people from 46 to 55 years old there are more of those respondents who use tap water without using a filter. The next by popularity are the water delivering companies and buying water from stores – 13% and 12%, respectively. Compared with other regions, more similar responses were given by the residents of East region.

Less than half of all respondents assess the used water as of appropriate quality (such responses were often given by the Eastern region). About a third of all respondents believe that water is not of high quality (most of such responses were given by the residents of the Central region).

The results of research indicate that the majority of the population still makes an effort to get high quality water for drinking and cooking. At the same time one third of Ukrainian people do not have information about the quality of the used water.   and voffa