Presentations of the results of the first Ukrainian research among car drivers

10/08/2011 More

The 3rd of August, 2011 in the fitness club “The 5th Element” (Kyiv) the research agency IRS Group together with the independent international marketing agency GiPA (Groupement inter Professionnel de l’Atomobile, held a successful business breakfast.

The event was timed to the presentation of results of the first research in Ukraine among the drivers. The research was focused on the car after-sale service market.

Speakers of the presentation were IRS Group Managing Director – Ivan Lubarsky and CEO GiPA Russia – Alexander Gruzdev.
The leading professionals of Ukrainian automobile market were invited to the presentation among other guests.
In the course of the business breakfast the following subjects were covered:

  • Is the market of after-sales service in Ukraine closer to Russia Russia, or to Europe?
  • How much do service centres lose to self-service?
  • How many times per year can a car be repaired ?
  • International experience, and many others.

Each participant could ask questions to the speakers and share his ideas with the colleagues during a free communication.
At the end, all guests received gifts, including the results of this research.
You can get the presentation from the event here:

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  • [Download not found]   and voffa