Presentations of the results of the second Ukrainian research among car drivers

01/10/2015 More

The 1st of October, 2015 (Kyiv) the team of research agency IRS Group that represents the interests of international marketing company GiPA (, once again held an event in a format of business breakfast for the key players in automotive aftermarket.


The reason for the event organization was the completion of the 2nd wave of the study among the Ukrainian drivers and presentation of some project results for professionals in automotive business in Ukraine.
Speakers of the presentation were IRS Group Managing Director – Ivan Lubarsky and GiPA Business Development Manager (Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco) – Quentin Le Hetet.


Among the invited guests there were the leading players in the automotive sphere of the market, such companies as Auto International, GoodYear, AWT Bavaria, Audatex, Bogdan Auto Holding, SKODA, Winner Imports Ukraine and others.



In the course of the business breakfast the basic tendencies of after-sales service market in Ukraine were presented to the guests, in particular, how the situation has changed since 2011-2012:

  • Do the drivers drive less?
  • Do the drivers pay more attention to self- service cars?
  • Is the frequency of the spare parts replacement increased?
  • What is the potential of growth and the opportunity to work with the procurement channels and car services?
  • Comparison of the dynamics of the Ukrainian market with the markets of foreign countries and etc.

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