Mystery Shopping

IRS Group provides the services to assess the quality of service by the “Mystery Shopping” method throughout the territory of Ukraine.

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More about “Mystery shopping”

“Mystery shopping”– is one of the most effective types of marketing research, which aims to identify gaps in the customer service process.

Mystery customer is specially trained and qualified person, who visits the service location (point of sale, the institution) as an ordinary customer. Also, they are called: mystery shopper, mystery client, private client, hidden client, control client.

Under the guise of current customers or potential customers, mystery shoppers invisibly check locations current customers or potential customers, and then report in details about the results of the visit (the evaluation forms – questionnaires are filled in).

“Mystery Caller” service is one of the forms of mystery visits. In this case, a visit to the point of sales is made ​​by phone or Skype call.

What is the use of this service for the company?

 Based on these data, we provide an objective assessment of the quality of staff and targeted steps can be made to improve the service that will certainly lead to increasing of customer loyalty and, consequently, to increasing of actual profits of the company.

In addition, based on data obtained by the “Mystery Shopping” service, you can build an advanced system of employee motivation.

What companies can and should use Mystery Shopping?

This method of assessment the quality of service is irreplaceable for big companies with large number of trade points or branches, which main activities are focused on the customer service.

Such companies could be: cafes, bars, restaurants, banks, petrol stations, hotels, supermarkets, shops, service centers of communication companies, network of pharmacies and medical facilities, utilities etc.

The desire to permanent quality improvement of the customer service, increasing of the regular customer base, self-perfection of the staff is a necessary condition for the success of your company.

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