Evaluation the work of staff quality

The most important question for any successful business – how to make your service better and your customers satisfied with cooperation with your company?

Our agency with great pleasure and for a reasonable price will help you to find answers on these questions.  We provide the following services:

  • Evaluation the quality of work of the staff. With the help of our agency you can define “strong” and “weak” sided of customer service, evaluate the professional competence of staff and the effectiveness of the training staff, obtain data on the implementation of mandated standards of quality of service. It is possible to assess using a personal visit “Mystery Shopper”, through a phone call or communication via the Internet;
  • Development of the standards of customer service. Our agency will help you to develop common rules of customer service, as well as rules of behavior in typical and conflict situations. Properly developed and implemented standards of service are the first step to win the loyalty of your customers;
  • Development of programs of staff motivation and stimulation.This service is aimed at the development and implementation of the system of material and non-material stimulation, as well as personal and team effectiveness of staff work. Well designed and properly used motivation system is an effective tool of personnel management;
    • Evaluation the merchandising and POS materials. If you want to get information about the goods which are represented in the trade point, (availability, price, etc.) and POS materials (availability, location, etc.), as well as to assess the convenience of access to the goods, the speed of finding it, the ability to find quickly related products – then this is the service for you;
    • Evaluation of trade points. Working with us, you will receive complete and reliable information about the decor of shop windows and the entrance area, the navigation, as well as the efficiency of the trading equipment which is used.

The Projects “Mystery Shopping” are conducted using an innovative methodology which gives ability to clients to see the results within HALF an HOUR* after the visit.

All current information on the project is available  to the Client online through the Internet (all you should do is to enter the web site of the agency under your password and login). Any interview you can listen to in the regime of real time.

If necessary, at the request of the Client, we offer audio recording of process of service, as well as photo and video materials.

If you want to leave a request for conducting the project and/or to get a preliminary calculation of the cost of the project, go to the page of contact with manager.

* — separately discussed with the Client

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