Marketing research

In the course of economic progress the notion of “marketing research” is not something new and confusing already. Marketing research is the systematic collection, processing and analysis of data to make sound marketing decisions.

Research is necessary in a range of areas – science, middle and small business, medicine, politics and other equally important to the public spheres. As the market is developing, consumer behavior is changing, and therefore, you track market dynamics and sometimes are forced to revise the strategy to improve your activity.

The importance of marketing research companies becomes higher, but, unfortunately, there is a share of those who do not trust the results of researches – mainly they rely on the experience of the company in this matter. We guarantee reliable data and high-quality work. IRS Group company reaches the goal that is requested by the Client.

We provide this marketing research methods

  • Qualitative research is used in order to obtain as much information as possible on the consumer psychology, his values, the underlying reasons of the behavior, as well as the emotional perception of the brand.
  • Quantitative research gives the opportunity to obtain information about the audience of the Customer, expressed in absolute or relative values. In order to the picture was more clear, in such a study should participate adequate number of respondents, who, in addition, should correspond to the target audience by their socio-demographic characteristics.   and voffa