Automotive research

In 2011, the Ukrainian marketing agency IRS Group has signed an agreement on strategic cooperation and partnership with the independent international marketing agency GiPA, which specialize on studies in the automotive field, represented by offices in Europe, South, Latin and North America, Russia, China and Africa. Basic company research are designed to provide information for:

– producers and importers of cars

– manufacturers of spare parts

– tire manufacturers

– manufacturers of lubricants

– car dealers

– chain stores, services, associations

– banks and insurance companies.

Knowledge of the characteristics of each country and international experience enables clients to:

  • understand the development and to see market trends
  • determine the causes that influence the market
  • anticipate market opportunities
  • build commercial business plans.

GiPA company offers 2 types of cooperation:

1)      Membership program that allows you to get information about market, trends and developments and to see the market as an end user (driver) and as professionals of services. Research data are regularly updated.

2)      Study on request, are available depending on the needs and problems of the client. We constantly offer our customers only the most appropriate methods of market research to fully meet the requirements and to respond to the questions set by clients. Typology of such researches may be different:

  • Prices (including regular monitoring)
  • Satisfaction (both end users and enterprises)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Assistance in the development, testing and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising
  • Analysis of competitors and their offers on the market
  • Retail audit
  • Fame and image of the brand
  • Marketing trainings and seminars.

GiPA in conjunction with IRS Group is ready to offer both methods of research – quantitative and qualitative:

  • Quantitative research methods: telephone interviews (CATI), personal interviews, questioning with self-filling of questionnaires, online polls and others.
  • Qualitative research methods: focus groups, expert interviews, mystery shopping, etc.   and voffa