Qualitative research

 Focus-group discussions:

are conducted for the deep study of the needs and motivations of the target audience. If you need to develop idea about the perception of the existing and new products, to understand how the image and criteria determine the intent of using a product, this method is just for you.

In-depth interviews:

constitute an informal personal interview, which is conducted by the interviewer with the scenario. The techniques that contribute to in-depth thoughts on topics of interest to the customer are used in this interview. The interview is conducted one-on-one and lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. With the help of interview of this type you can explore personal opinions, beliefs and values of respondents. In-depth interviews are conducted:

  • For a better understanding of the problem for marketing research
  • To examine any confidential, sensitive and personal issues and questions
  • In situations where the respondent’s opinion would be suppressed by the group (e.g., focus-group)
  •  For better understanding of the complicated customer behavior (purchase motives, perceptions, expectations, satisfaction of buyer’s purchase)

Expert interviews:

This is one of the varieties of in-depth interviews, the main feature of which is the status and competence of the respondent who is an experienced member of the market. Experts are professionals who know the specifics of a particular market. Most expert interviews are conducted with executives or leaders of major units, representatives of executive and legislative authorities of regions, scientists, universities and research organizations workers, members of the non-state, private expert or advisory structures, members of expert councils, etc.

If you need to assess the condition of the market as a whole and its various parameters, status of certain industries, market rules, traditions and patterns, etc., this method of research is for you.

Desk research:

is the collection of secondary data regarding the general condition of the market, new trends, dynamics and volume of the market, existing offers and other aspects. As the sources of information for the desk resarch may be:

  • Internet sources that include various publications, information from insider resources, etc.;
  • Print Media;
  • Government publications and materials, development programmes, information on budgets and public expenditure;
  • Reports of research agencies on research data on consumer behaviour;
  • Data of statistical bodies.
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