Brand ambassadors activation

Every B2C market has its own characteristics, but there is at least one thing in common – all B2C markets aimed at end users. That’s why if they want to be successful,  they should  listen to their consumers. As you know, many companies conduct consumer research. Rare study does not include questions about drivers for making a purchase, and about channels of communication that are trusted by the user. Of course, these indicators are different for each product, however, almost every study in top positions has “recommendations of the relatives, friends, acquaintances”. Of course, the TV still remains the most significant channel of communication, but expenses on TV and expenses on brand ambassadors activation are not comparable.

If you look for the brand ambassadors among the trendsetters, than the diffusion of communication can occur as follows (according to the analysis of trendsetters’ profile, which agency InTrends is working with):

200 trendsetters can influence:

–       On 143 000 their direct contacts in vkontakte network;

–       On 45 600 their direct contacts in facebook network;

–       On 14 500 people in offline communications for one week.

To know how it works and to find more information about the service you can on the official website of the agency.

Desk Research – processing of existing information and data, collected previously. Desk research can be carried out as the first phase of the works connected with the preparation of the study, with a view to identify general situation in the market, empty niches, white spots which need in-depth examination.

More details about the service you can read on the official website of the agency.   and voffa