Trends identifying and monitoring

Methods of qualitative research which uses agency InTrends:

  • Focus-group discussions – the essence of the study is a deep interviewing of the target audience. During the interview researchers get subjective opinions about a product, service, and other objects of study from the audience. In classical focus-group discussions, the client can watch the respondents through a one-way mirror.
  • Extended focus-group discussions (Engagement focus-groups) – study implies the presence of representatives from the customer on the focus-group. The study involves not only collecting information from respondents, but also personal interaction between client and respondent. In the extended focus-groups, the client is at the same table with the respondents and takes an active part in the discussion.
  • In-depth interview is an informal personal conversation. It is conducted by the interviewer with the scenario and is based on the use of techniques to encourage respondents to long and detailed thoughts on matters of interest to the researcher. During the interview the personal opinion of the respondent, his beliefs and values are explored.
    • Ethnographic research – is a deep dive into the life and welfare of the respondent. This method of qualitative research is based on observation, but often combines a range of methods (observation + in-depth interviews; observation + respondents’ stories about themselves + focus groups). This method helps to uncover the motivation, emotion and contextual factors, which influence the behavior.
    • Digital Ethnography – aimed at deep study of digital space, in which the respondent is.
    • Expert interview is one of the varieties of in-depth interviews. Its main feature is the status and competence of the respondent who is an experienced member of the study programme. Expert interview supposes getting wide answers from the respondent.
    • Desk Research – processing of existing information and data, collected previously. Desk research can be carried out as the first phase of the works connected with the preparation of the study, with a view to identify general situation in the market, empty niches, white spots which need in-depth examination.


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