IRS Group provided report on Eco to UPO «Living Planet»

22/03/2012 More

March 21, 2012 Yulia Karpinskaya, project manager of “Eco Omnibus” made a presentation on the topic “Eco marketing as an effective tool in promoting the brand. Market monitoring of eco products (short review). The presentation was made within the frame of training seminar “Usage of ecological advantages in marketing strategy of the company” (place of conducting: Kiev, Trade Industrial Chamber).

The speaker presented the information about the specific usage of Eco policy in the company and submitted the most successful practices of Eco usage in marketing and PR.

In the course of presentation, the results of regular project “ECO Omnibus” were reported as well. This project was focused on the tracking of the effectiveness of Eco initiatives from various companies and brands, as well as on the assessment of the ecological behavior of consumers.

Julia Karpinskaya expresses gratitude to Olga Bogdan, the coordinator of informational educational projects Ukrainian Piblic Organization «Living Planet» for the invitation to take part in the seminar.   and voffa